Bob Reinhardt is no longer building amps. I have left this page up as a source of info on Reinhardt amps. If you have a Reinhardt amp you would like to trade in let me know. If you are looking for a Reinhardt email me and I will put you on the list. Most of the Reinhardt amps I receive sell before listing so be sure to email me the model you are looking for.

Reinhardt - Storm 33 Scaled Volume (Used)
The  Storm 33
Based on the classic 50 watt amps of the late 70's through the 80's, the Storm delivers all the rock tones you are looking for.  More gain than the Vintage 50, by quite a bit.  Amp is set up with 2 gain adjustments.  Can dial in a nice clean tone, to a killer crunch. Want old VH punch and crunch?  Look no farther. Set up as a 2 channel amp, it has a low and a high channel. It comes stock with a footswitch to switch from low to high. Its a very big, powerful JCM800 type amp, without the "icepick" that some of them were famous for.  
  As with all of our amps, it responds very well to the guitars volume control, and to your pick attack.   No overly compressed, non dynamic mud.  The Storm  is very articulate, and touch sensitive.This amp does have a master volume, but its an older, non post phase type master,  meaning it will not get you heavy preamp gain at whisper volume, it will require to be turned up a little bit. I will break up pretty early,  but its not real preamp saturated,  its more old school JCM800 type gain levels down low.     
Power section is 2 el34's, and the preamp uses 3 12ax7's.  Solid state rectification keeps this amp tight, even when wound up.
   Built with the same attention to detail, and high quality of all of our amps.  Heyboer transformers, hand assembled and wired with ARS filter caps, "Dijon" coupling caps, NOS carbon comp resistors in all critical locations.  Chassis are welded for extra support and durability, and switches are all  heavy duty units for long troublefree service.  I am constantly testing  tubes for the best possible combination of tubes.  
All amps come standard with:
Heyboer power and output transformers and choke
Winged C matched el34 power tubes.  A mix of Mullard, JJ, EI, or Tungsol preamp tubes.  
NOS carbon comp resistors on plates and cathodes.  ARS and Sprague high quality filter caps.  Handwired with silver core teflon jacketed wire.
External bias jacks, with top mounted 10 turn bias pot for easy, precise biasing.

Price: $1,495.00

Status: Sold


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