Matchless Avalon 30 Custom Order
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The Avalon utilizes an innovative new Hybrid construction method which combines point to
point wiring, circuit tracing, and turret style construction. All parts, including the transformers,
are identical to the ones that go into our traditional amps and are hand wired and built in our
factory in Los Angeles.

The Avalon also comes standard with a plexi-glass front panel which showcases a glossy black chassis illuminated by recessed lighting and of course it features the signature Matchless light up logo. The traditional front panel is optional.

Another unique aspect of the Avalon is that it is highly scaleable and customizable so you can truly make it your own. Options are as follows:

Reverb - $330.00 
Added Rectifier Socket for dual rectifiers as in the original SC30 model - $50.00 
Traditional Front Panel - $105.00 
Effects loop is standard

Price: Based on Selection







Status: Custom Order- Free Shipping

Custom order lead time is 4-6 weeks.


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