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Germino Lead 55 LV
About the Builder


The  Lead 55LV  model uses a dual EL-34 output section and "lead" circuit values. This is the Lead circuit used in original 68-69 JMP-50 1987 models. Great crunch and upper midrange are there to cut through the mix in a sweet way that only a plexi can. Single notes are warm with great harmonics.  Filtering is period correct for 68/69 JMP-50 specs.

The 1202-118 power transformer which is stock for the LV model supplies 425vdc in ss rectifier mode. This model PT was used in the majority of JMP-50 amplifiers from 1967 thru 1969. Amp is selectable for 120v, 200v, 220v/230v and 240v/250v operation on the back panel.

Output transformer is a Drake 784-139 replica with 3.3K primary impedance. Original style laminate is used with correct slotted steel and correct "cheese head" screws. Primary and secondary windings are interleaved as originals. Speaker output is selectable for 16/8/4 ohms.

Choke is Dagnall C 1999 replica.

An incredible sounding amplifier with all the classic late 60's and early 70's sounds. Goes from a slightly crunchy clean to a thick smooth lead tone with just a twist of the guitar's volume control. This is the sound of the famed 1968/69 plexi 1987 model at it's very best.

Component list is the same as our other products. Spot welded aluminum chassis,  carbon film and NOS carbon comp resistors, Mil spec potentiometers,  F&T filter capacitors. Film/foil  "vintage mustard style" coupling caps all hand wired on turret board.

Note: These product specifications apply to Germino models 2016 only, not earlier product.


Greg Germino became immersed in music as many did by the British Invasion of the 60's by groups such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Hours were spent by an old RCA Hi-Fi unit spinning records by these and other groups while singing along.


By 1969 Greg had begun playing acoustic guitar learning some basic chords, however his full love affair with electric guitar tones was inspired by an early 1972 live performance of The Allman Brothers Band. His first Les Paul was acquired soon-after along with his first tube amp, an Ampeg B12XT Portaflex. Greg began listening intently to music by the ABB, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Who and others. He began playing with bands the following year in 1973.


During High School he took his first electronics class and began learning about circuits. Playing during his High School years and afterward he acquired his first 100 watt Marshall around 1977. Vintage equipment was more prolific in those days. After noticing that older Marshall amps sounded better than his 1974 Super Lead Greg changed many of the board components to match his friends 69 Super Lead.


Through the late 70's and into the 80's Greg played with various bands and continued to educate himself regarding tone, playing technique and absorbed what he could regarding tube amps. Beginning 1984 through 1995 Greg worked as a technician primarily on DC circuits. By the early 90's he was working part time with Rich Bogart of  "The Tube Farm" who originally marketed and trademarked the Accu-bias and where another future amp builder, Steve Carr also worked on occasion.


In 1995 Greg worked briefly in music retail at Fat Sound Guitars. This was short lived due to moving to the mountains of North Carolina and working the next 3 years as guitarist for the Boone based band "Chicken Fat".


Returning off the mountain in 1998 Greg worked for Bull City Sound as a bench technician working on a variety of tube amplifiers. After this Greg did service work briefly for Shomaker Guitars before moving on to work with Mojo Musical Supply in January 2001. There he handled phone orders, repairs, questions in reference to Marshall amps and helped expand the company's aftermarket Marshall parts and cabinet offerings. Late in 2001 he was commissioned to build the Mojo "Tone Machine" amplifier consisting of a run of 30 pieces.


In May 2002 Germino Amplification began with the first production pieces being shipped to dealers at that time.


Greg has remained active in bands, playing small 100-200 seat clubs to 1200 seat theatre rooms in a variety of settings over the years. His commitment to his product is evident in workmanship, passion for work and continued excellent customer support.

Price: $2,800.00

Status: ON ORDER!


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