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Victoria Ivy League
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The new Victoria Ivy League is a loving recreation of the classic 5F10 Fender Harvard style amplifier. Every aspect of the original model is reproduced in the Ivy League; triple inputs, 6AT6 7 pin preamp tube, twin 6V6 power tubes and a single 10″ speaker. 12″ speaker and V-Front 2×10″ cabinets available.


Victoria Ivy League Specs

-14 watts of power

-5F10 Type Circuit

High, Medium, & Low Input Jacks

-Tubes: 1-5Y3, 1-6V6TS, 1-12AX7, 1-6AT6

-Speaker: 1-Eminence Legend 10”, Also available with 12” Speakers upon request

-Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 16.5”x20”x10”

-Weight: 1x10”-18lbs, 1x12”-30lbs,

V-Front 2x10”-32lbs

Price: $1,790.00

Status: Sold


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