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Germino Lead 35

Germino Lead 35

The Lead 35 and Bass 35 are lower wattage versions of the  55LV and Club 40 (50w) using the same Lead or Bass circuit of these models with a completely new transformer pairing. These models max out around 35 watts and are in the same output wattage range as the Masonette 25.

The transformers have been carefully selected for a broad frequency EQ and extreme touch response. The Lead 35 produces fabulous overdriven tones and cleans up exceptionally well with the volume control of your guitar.  The Bass 35 is cleaner with the flatter EQ response of a Bass circuit design.

Both models take pedals extremely well as you expect from this non MV design

The new transformer set of the Lead 35 and Bass 35 is the key factor to having the great tone of the Lead 55 and Club 40 models at a much more manageable volume. 

This OT has the ability to accept a wide range of output tubes from EL-34 to 6L6, KT-66, 5881 and 6V6's without having to impedance mismatch.

The new power transformer from Mercury Magnetics runs at sub 400vdc allowing long tube life as well as a very full sound at lower volumes.

All models use NOS tube sockets by Amphenol, EBY or Cinch for both power and pre-amp section. NOS Mallory coupling caps are used throughout on both models.

Perforated boards are made in house from material sourced in the UK.  A mix of carbon film and carbon comp resistors and Cliff jacks are all standard.

This amp is offered as a non MV model only. The reason for this is the sound everyone wants from the 4 input non MV design is the output stage being pushed into clipping. This is a very natural sound and allows the amp to have greater touch response.Lead 35  and Bass 35 are delivered stock with JJ E-34L tubes and Mullard reissue 12AX7.

Price: $2,800.00

Status: ON ORDER!


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