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A Classic 40 Watt Push-Pull Integrated Amplifier

Specially upgraded North American model delivers best-in-class performance and value.


The Orchestra Black is a classic 40 watt EL34 push-pull tube integrated amplifier. It features point-to-point wiring, high quality selected components and Jadis’ own in-house hand-wound custom transformers. It is hand-built in France and comes with remote control included.


The Orchestra Black was specially made for the North American market to Bluebird’s specifications. It is a derivative of the popular Orchestra Reference but it includes a tube upgrade from EL34 to the more robust 6CA7 industrial tubes and some proprietary internal tweaks. These changes produce a noticeable sonic improvement. The gold faceplates and transformer covers were replaced with black to give a more modern industrial look and reduce the cost.


As a result of the above effort, the Orchestra Black sounds better and costs less than its predecessor. At $3,995, with remote included, the Orchestra Black delivers outstanding sonic performance and value for money.


Jadis is highly regarded worldwide for the quality of their transformers which inform the famous Jadis sound and set Jadis amplifiers apart from the crowd. We are thrilled to be able to bring such a high quality hand-built classic design with Jadis’ extraordinary transformers to the market for under $4,000.


Orchestra Black Features

 Custom Jadis transformers produce hallmark Jadis sound


 Point-to-point wiring in all critical signal paths for a more open bigger sound


 High-quality non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis for strength and durability


 Push-pull design for higher power and lower distortion


 Low negative feedback design delivers more vivid sound with greater clarity


 DC Heater - reduces noise and hum


 Handmade in Villedubert, France


Type    Integrated amplifier with optional remote control

Bias     fixed - has to be adjusted when tubes are changed

Power  40W class-B

Input type       5 line input

Bandwidth      5Hz to 60kHz @-3dB

Sensibility        250mV

Tubes list         4 x 6CA7 2 x ECC83

Dimensions     53x27x20 cm

Weight 20 kg

Consumption  300W

Price: $3,995.00

Status: In Stock Free Shipping


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