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Jadis DA50S

Jadis DA50S


Pure Class-A Integrated Amplifier

A beautifully natural sound with the ability to control demanding loudspeakers.


The DA50S is a 30 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier with five line inputs and remote control. Thanks to Jadis' custom-made signature transformers the DA50S delivers a very robust 30 watts, allowing the amplifier to maintain a surprisingly firm grip over moderately difficult to control loudspeakers while delivering real-world output that belies the amplifiers's modest power rating. The DA50S, where S is short for Signature model, is one of Jadis' newer generation amplifiers, as such it offers significant chassis, component and transformer upgrades and is a durable amplifier built to last.


The DA50S produces a rich, silky-smooth natural tone with outstanding transparency and clarity. Bass control is excellent and the amp throws a deep, wide soundstage. Highlights of the overall design feature a tightly regulated power supply combined with low overall global feedback providing optimal image focus and the ultimate in musical resolution.


With an included remote control, protection fuses mounted on the top of the chassis and full auto-bias, the DA50S is easy to use and easy to love. Tube complement is four KT120 tubes, 2 12AX7 and 3 12AU7. Dimensions are 19"W x 14"D x 13"H, weight 68lbs.


Remote control included. Available with gold or silver faceplate option at no extra cost. Click on image above for a picture with gold faceplate.


DA50S Features

 Oversized custom Jadis transformers deliver hallmark Jadis sound with ability to control demanding loudspeakers


 Pure Class A design with KT120 tubes for beautiful liquid, grain-free sound and authentic instrument timbre


 Point-to-point high purity copper wiring in all critical signal paths for a big open sound with excellent resolution


 Regulated power supply for optimal image focus


 Push-pull design for ultimate grip and dynamic slam


 Non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis for strength, durability and low noise operation


 Remote control and full auto-bias operation for convenience and ease of maintenance



Type    Integrated amplifier with optional remote control

Bias     Automatic

Power  30W Class-A

Input type       5 inputs, 2 speaker output (for bi-wiring)

Bandwidth      20Hz to 35kHz @-3dB

Sensibility        100 mV

Number of blocks       1

Tubes list         4 X KT88/KT120/6CA7 2 X ECC83/12AX7 3 X ECC82/12AU7

Dimensions     485 x 380 x 240

Weight 31kg

Consumption  275 W

Price: $9,795.00

Status: Free Shipping


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