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Suhr Guitars

For the past 30 years, Collings Guitars have been the choice of musicians who seek the finest handmade instruments available.  You owe it to yourself to try a Collings.

Briggs guitars are handbuilt in very limited quantities with the best tonewoods available. Every Briggs guitar receives the same loving attention to detail in construction, finish and setup as the next. The amount of skilled handwork required to produce a Briggs guitar is staggering. Work of this quality is hardly found in any production instrument today at any price. Every step from wood selection to final setup is carried out with unwavering scrutiny to produce an instrument of unsurpassed quality, playability and tone.

Duesenberg Guitars

Ian Anderson is a small shop, custom guitar builder. He has established his workshop in southern California, on the outskirts of San Diego--the perfect location for his craft providing a mild climate year round ideally suited for the seasoning and curing of the various materials and operations. He builds each and every guitar from inspiration and passion with the highest examples of old world craftsmanship, materials and expertise. The result is an instrument of unsurpassed quality, playability and extraordinary tone.

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