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Collings I35 Deluxe Tobacco Sunburst Flame
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Pre owned Germino Headroom 100



Slightly over 40 years ago the sound of modern rock-n-roll took a significant step forward with the introduction of the Super Lead 100 watt amplifiers.

The Germino Headroom 100 specifically emulates the sound and construction of the very early 68 100 watt plexi panel Super Lead and Super Bass amplifiers to exact detail! From the very first glance of the zinc plated steel chassis and plexi panels to the perforated tag board assembly the workmanship and attention to detail is simply stunning. The early Super Lead's from 68 were the first to use a circuit specifically voiced for lead guitar with split cathode pre-amp, specific values in the tone section and output stage as well as a brite cap for an automatic brightening of the amp at low volume. The Germino Headroom 100 is available with either a Super Lead circuit for the ultimate in singing sustain or, Super Bass circuit values for those wanting a cleaner amp with a more rounded tone.


Price: $2,400.00

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Price includes NOS Mustard cap upgrade.

Displaying 1 through 2 of 2 products.

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