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The signature sound of Louis Electric Amplifiers comes from the owner Louis Rosano's passion for mid-to late-50s tweeds and early plexi's. However, that is not where Louis Electric sonic signature ends. Through the production and use of the hand picked components, as well as the ear-tuning and testing of each Louis Electric amplifier, Louis Electric is dedicated to taking those early sounds and bringing them to the present. Warmth, clarity, responsiveness and seemingly unlimited headroom: this is the sonic signature of a Louis Electric Amplifier.
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Louis Electric Buster Tweed
The Buster is based on a 5E3 tweed Deluxe. As you would expect, it covers the sparkling highs and smooth midrange, and has a solid low end that never loses its poise. The Buster has astonishing headroom and plays as a full-sized single 12" tube amp with 35-40 watts.
Price: $1,995.00

Status: Sold

Price includes $100 up charge for Tweed covering.


Louis Electric Columbia Reverb
Price: $2,395.00

Status: Sold


Louis Electric KR12 Combo
Louis Electric KR12
The KR12 is an EL34-based, single 12" combo. It is the result of Louis Rosano's longstanding work with Hubert Sumlin and Keith Richards.  The KR12's four inputs offer different levels of gain from crisp, crunchy throatiness to a hefty vintage rock bark.
Price: $2,695.00

Status: Sold


Louis Electric Deltone
The Deltone is a 6V6-based, 20 Watt, single 12" combo. It is the result of requests from longstanding customers to build a black line series to emulate the beautiful sounds of the pre-CBS blackface amplifiers.  The Deltone is a true two-channel amp with two inputs for each channel. One channel offers a straight sound and the other channel offers vibrato and reverb.
Price: $2,495.00

Status: In Stock Free Shipping

Displaying 1 through 4 of 4 products.

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