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Lava Soar(10 FT)

Lava Soar(15 FT)
Reinhardt Titan 1x12 Combo
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  Based on the 18, but doubled.  Thats right, for those who thought the 18 was not big enough, we are now offering that same basic design, but in a 4 EL84 platform, for 36 watts of  power.  This amp does everything the 18 does, and then  more.   Due to overwhelming demand and popularity, power scaling is now a standard option on the Titan.  Also available in a 4X6v6 version for the 6v6 lovers. If you are playing on a bigger stage, need a little more clean headroom, or just want that extra "whoop ass" the Titan delivers.It has the same amazing tone of our 18, same touch sensativity and feel, same classic sounds, but at more power to deliver the knockout punch. 

The normal channel is based on the stock 18 normal channel, with a few sublte changes.  it has an amazing chimey clean, and can get a killer gritty smokey blues when pushed.  
   The bright channel has all of that, and much more.  It has a master volume, for a great gain control, and a full range EQ for dialing in the tones you want.  With the gain down, it has an amazing shimmering clean that is unbeatable, and goes into a nice crunchy blues with a slight adjustment.  With more gain dialed in, it will do the classic rock, early hard rock thing perfectly.  Think hotrodded old Marshall tones and gain.  None of the oversaturated mushy gain here.   The Titan has more filtering in the power, and screen sections to help control any extra noise or ghosting  from the 2 extra power tubes.
Amps come standard with a custom blend of JJ. TungSol RI and EH tubes.  This amp uses 3 12ax7/ecc83 preamp tubes, 4 el84/6bq5 power tubes and a gz434/5ar4 rectifier.  Transformers are Heyboer.  Sozo Vintage series and Mallory 150 caps, 1% tolerance resistors, all teflon wire and shieled input cable for low noise.

Price: $2,125.00



Status: Sold


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