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Carol Ann OD3 Ultra

Carol-Ann OD3 Ultra

Welcome to Ultra version of the OD3 !!! 3 channels of pure tone heaven! The OD3 Ultra Guitar Amplifier offers a superb extremely low noise three channel all-tube 50W or 100W 6L6/EL34 based amplifier design. Like all our other models this amplifier is hand built using a no compromise approach.


The first new feature of this amp is the separate Input Level Controls for the Clean and OD channels. This gives much greater flexibility than the standard OD3.

It is possible to set the Clean Channel for a little more crunch or for maximum clean headroom

The overdrive range can be set very easily with the OD Input Level to suit the playing styles or musical genre from a range of blues through rock to modern high gain styles.


The OD3 Ultra features our AutoBiasMon, automatic biasing feature and tube monitoring system. This makes tube change a breeze and the amplifier visually lets you know if its running optimally or not , depending on the wall voltage  and state of the power tubes. By pressing a button on the back, the amp will recalibrate itself in order to run optimally. You can read more about this feature here or see a video demonstration here.


The OD3 Ultra features a Multi-Color visual front panel channel indicator and a push button front panel channel changer that allows you to scroll through the channels. when the foot controller is attached the front panel channel indicator still operates, but the switch is disabled.


All models come with a 4 button foot controller that is attached via a 3 pin xlr mic cable. An optional 5 button controller is also available with effects loop switching. This model  is fully compatible with our MI-01 MIDI interface. The OD3 model features the new 'Silent Switching' system that uses timed relays to ensure all switching is carried out with the signal momentarily grounded to ensure all transients go to ground and not through the signal path.


The power amp section thanks to the Autobias system runs 6L6 or EL34 selectable via internal DIP switch settings.  The 50W version also allows 6V6 tubes to be selected for a power reduction to 18W.  


The OD3 Ultra is very forgiving on cabinet choice and works well with many speaker / cab combinations




CH A Input Level: This sets the overall input gain for the clean Channel.


CH B/C Input Level: This sets the overall input gain for the Overdrive Channels.


CH A Bass, Middle & Treble: Clean Channel Tone Controls.


CH B/C Bass, Middle & Treble: OD Channel Tone Controls.


CH B Gain: Overdrive Channel B gain control.


CH C Gain: Overdrive Channel C gain control.


CH A Master: Master Volume for Clean Channel.


CH B Master : Master Volume for OD Channel.


CH C Master : Master Volume for Gain Boost.


Lead Master: Lead Master Volume


Presence: Global Presence Control.


Footswitch Socket: Heavy duty 3 pin XLR connector for foot controller.


Foot Controller: CH A, CH B, CH C , EFX Loop Switch with 4 programmable modes of operation, Lead Master with LED's


Efx Send and Return Jacks


Efx Send Level Control


Input Voltage: All OD series Amplifiers are designed as Touring Class Amplifiers and can operate on 110-120V or 220-240V mains power. Please specify with the Dealer when ordering.

Price: $2,995.00

Status: ON HOLD


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