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Carol-Ann Revo 1 MKII
Carol-Ann Revo 1 MKII


The first version of this model appeared in 2010 and it was designed to be sent to a very famous British Guitar Player who very sadly passed away before I could get the amp to him. At the time I had made five of them and just sold them through the Dealer network and made no more.

Recently I came across a couple of clips done by an owner of the originals and put them on our Facebook page. There was an overwhelming response in the comments to make more or release an updated version. So this is the new version.......


Basically this is best described as a single channel classic rock amp whose roots are to be found in the famous British silver amps that came out in the late 80's. This type of amp can be found on many famous recording and is still to this day a staple for many players in their live rigs.

While I have always liked these amps and have worked on many for famous and local players alike, I always felt that the concept could be taken in slightly different direction to give tones that sounded more like Raw 35 , but will an excellent master volume and a tube buffered loop. Two other issues I addressed when I designed the Revo compared to its inspiration was the fizziness in the high end at low volumes and the looseness of the low end. Two traits you never get with any CA. This model was no exception. The other ability it required was to be able to clean up well on the master volume, so you could go from clean to rock rhythm to lead just from the volume control on the guitar.

The MK2 version brings with it the full version of the Autobiasmon, updated power supply, lower noise and a more fitting aesthetic.

The Master volume control is ranged so it doesn't act too quickly at low volume and allows you to really dial in the exact volume you want. The loop is integrated in the gain staging of the amp like our other models. The one big difference with this design is the use of active eq controls that have little interaction with each other, this allows you to boost as well as cut frequencies.


Gain: Sets the amount of 'Overdrive'

Level: Sets the amount of signal to drive the efx loop, also changes the character of the overall tone. Typically set to 11 o clock to full.




Master: Overall Master Volume. Has a fine range between zero and 2 o clock then kicks harder for very high volumes after that.


Calibrate: AutoBiasMon calibration switch. AutoBiasMon Manual can be found here.

Power: Power Switch

​Standby: Standby Switch, includes soft start current ramping control .


50W  2x EL34's (Can also be run with 6V6's at 18W by setting the switch on the AutobiasMon board inside)

3 x 12AX7


Price: $2,395.00

Status: In Stock Free Shipping


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