Bob Reinhardt is no longer building amps. I have left this page up as a source of info on Reinhardt amps. If you have a Reinhardt amp you would like to trade in let me know. If you are looking for a Reinhardt email me and I will put you on the list. Most of the Reinhardt amps I receive sell before listing so be sure to email me the model you are looking for.

Reinhardt - SHG (Scaled Volume)
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The SHG is a serious high gain amp.  It has 2 more gain stages compared to the hot side of the Storm.  I was after the '80's hair metal sounds, and gain levels, without having to use a pedal.  Its not as harsh and metallic as a lot of high gain amps,  it still retains the "old" tone,  but adds a ton of gain to that old tone.  It also has a very effective master volume for playing at reasonable levels.  The SHG is not a lifeless,  mid scooped modern day noise maker,  it still retains mids, and character.  The amp now comes standard with an effects loop and power scaling.
It can run any 8 pin power tube.  I have run kt88's to give it more bass and percussive thump,  KT66's give it a really cool jtm45 with a couple of pedals in front,  and el34's sound like a great 70's Marshall,  but with a drive and distortion pedal pushing it.  
The SHG is built with the same high quality and attention to detail as the rest of the amps in the Reinhardt line.
5 12ax7, 2 EL34/6ca7, KT88/6550, KT66, 6l6 etc
custom wound Heyboer power and output transformers.
Mil Spec teflon wiring

Price: $2,100.00



Status: ON HOLD


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