Bob Reinhardt is no longer building amps. I have left this page up as a source of info on Reinhardt amps. If you have a Reinhardt amp you would like to trade in let me know. If you are looking for a Reinhardt email me and I will put you on the list. Most of the Reinhardt amps I receive sell before listing so be sure to email me the model you are looking for.

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Pre Owned Reinhardt - 2x12 Extension Cabinet
2x12 Slant 
2X12 mini slant cab.  Made to look like a small version of the slant cabs we all love.  These cabs are 23 wide by 25 tall, as I think it looks better to not have them be square.  The speakers are on a slanted internal baffle, both on the same plane as some feel that a normal slant cab, with the 2 different planes of speakers causes a slight out of phase issue between the straight and slanted speakers.  

Next is the 2X12 straight version to match the above cabinet.  Its the same dimensions, with the same high quality construction, but with the speaker straight mounted for a slightly deeper and darker tone, or use with the slant for a killer mini stack.

Reinhardt Custom Speakers
Bob now has several models of his custom speaker available
Bob feels these are the BEST british voiced speaker on the market, and they are standard in every amp or cabinet he does, He believes in them that much 
1)R65H-LC    this speaker is a heavy magnet speaker with the large dust cover. its a 65 watt speaker, and will sound awesome with any amp up to 50 watts. Tonally its similar to an old G12H-30, but with slightly attenuated highs, and more mids.

2)R65H-SC    This is the small dust cover version of the H series. It is similar to the Large version, but has a bit more top end sizzle, and a bit less low mid emphasis. Very cool, pre 1970 G12H sound, but with more power handling. 

3)R65M-LC  this is the medium magnet version.  a bit less bottom end punch, and a bit more midrange crunch.  Its very similar tonally to the late 70's G12-65, which is one of my all time favorites.  

4)R65M-SC     This is the small cover version. It will sound and feel much like a good, tight old Greenback, but will handle far more power.  Not as loose as an old greenback, its a bit tighter, and more responsive when driven hard. A bit more top end sizzle compared to the Large version

Price: $550.00




Status: Sold

Nice pre owned cab loaded with a R65H-LC and R65H-SC


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