Bob Reinhardt is no longer building amps. I have left this page up as a source of info on Reinhardt amps. If you have a Reinhardt amp you would like to trade in let me know. If you are looking for a Reinhardt email me and I will put you on the list. Most of the Reinhardt amps I receive sell before listing so be sure to email me the model you are looking for.

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Suggested Accessories

Lava Soar(20 FT)

Lava Blue Demon (20 FT)

Lava Blue Demon (10 FT)

Lava Blue Demon (15 FT)

Lava Soar(10 FT)

Lava Soar(15 FT)
Reinhardt- Sentinel (KT-66) Combo
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The Sentinel
  Based on the KT66 platform of the old Bluesbreaker, with a few twists.We are now shipping the amp with the new TAD 6L6WGC tubes or with the Chinese KT66's.  Through a bunch of legwork, I have finally found a good supplier of KT66's, and have been using them as well as the 6L6's.. The amp still has that killer vintage vibe.  4 inputs, a higher gain  brighter side, and a lower gain  darker side. Original design was a shared cathode in the first preamp tube which gives the amp its overall darkness, but we incorporate a Vintage/Modern switchable first stage from shared cathode to split cathode, which will make the amp a little brighter and more aggressive, give it that classic lead snarl.  Like all of our amps, we use only the best for components, each amp is built to last a lifetime.


Price: $2,250.00



Status: Sold


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